Judy Sainz

My daughter Cielo has been in the program with Los Pasitos since she was about 9 months, she is now 2 years old. Cielo and I have learned so much from them even her big brother Javier. I got to say I have loved everything about it. First of all the therapist she sees quite a bit and we have gotten close to each and one of them that work with her. I love how they have patience and do everything to make her feel comfortable. I love how they include brother when he is at home. Cielo has improved so much since she has joined this program. She looks forward to seeing her girls all the time. The therapist help by working around our schedule and are really good about sending reminder texts before they come. Which I need most of the time jaja (haha) all I have to say is Thank You Los Pasitos you guys are awesome and I would definitely recommend them to anybody.